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это мой imac pro за лям господа

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Жду, когда набегут критики, которые будут говорить как мне нужно тратить свои деньги. Я не навязываю свое мнение кому-либо, а просто показываю чо купил и что об этом думаю.

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It just so happens that I really do a review on this computer, but only because it is the most expensive my purchase..

And first I want to warn everyone that I'm not a techno blogger, I'm just making a video about my purchase. I'll tell you my impressions, right?.

On the first negative some moments, About the positive.. Just please don't lie to me in the comments that I approached this question not professionally,.

Did not notice and did not tell about some chips. I just said what I thought. Oh, and by the title you understand.

In what money it cost me, so before the advertising is small. *advertising*.

Excellent take and go to win *advertising*.

The winner of the tournament is the team banani bro, led by Danila Kashin.

Danya buying an iMac Pro right now.

Hi this is me, Danya Kashin. This is probably the first and last video on my channel in a similar format, but. Just the other day I got myself one thing,.

Probably the most expensive purchase in my life, and today I definitely have to tell.

Fucking ninety-one million roubles! I do not need to list in the comments what you can buy for a million and ninety rubles. Me to shit..

Absolutely to shit. By the way about comments. There is a channel on YouTube which refills Insta-storis my,.

Other bloggers and the like and he released a video called: "Danya Kashin bought a computer for a million rubles",.

Where was reuploaded all my Insta-storis, Yes, this is related. I looked at the comments, I was too freaked out what is it that children, well, I don't know, I think they're just kids, because grown-UPS won't say that kind of thing, because they're so fucking scared the fart exploded..

They started calling me a fuckhead. "Fabulous fuckhead is so shit for a million How do you woodpeckers take a flock of sheep" He doesn't care what I picked, he bought,.

Why is Lam, I don't have Leman, here it is sheep, agriscope. Began to to pay on my.

Face " Face itself a normal buy it! "You'd better fuck yourself I bought. That is, these types generally do not bother. There is a man, dragging a comp for one million ninety-and they are:.

"And listen have you the fuck of course... Well, fucked up."But really appreciate men's looks such a.

Fuck. And if I were you, I'd wonder if I'd come to any conclusions when a dude with over.

Ugly face, goes and drags the comp for a million ninety. Attacked me a bunch of people who googled it, apparently found some complete set, which is sold everywhere for 380 thousand and think, that this is the only equipment that exists. There are people who argue stupid ass no, No. There's a even throws them a link, at this link you can go to see what the million ninety. Fuck it. Their it generally does not bother. "So local 5K at all useless for you..

Sat behind this Mac Pro, about 30 minutes and fuck I wouldn't have bought it for 300K" Fuck you, anyway, me... пиздец, ему отвечают два человека то, что "не играет он в игры! он взял для монтажа".

"this computer for installation" and he answers them - " Down the usual computer rollers installation for 200k at times better..

You can't play games they don't.

Optimized games". Go fuck yourself with your games, my God, how would you fuck me if that cunt who wrote that comment.

He was watching me then he would know that I had my computer for 200 thousand rubles all my life, you've been packing a box of Windows, and in three months, you need it reinstalling, well, these I little enjoyed, Yes well, two days like I can't say anything about him right now that it's fucking cooler, a lot cooler than Windows, but I know for sure I have a computer.

11 MacBook and it runs much better than fucking this box, which now stands at home.

When I was going to buy this piece of iron for a million ninety... so many times I'm going to say one million ninety in this video.

Because (FUCK IT a MILLION NINETY!) I thought "well this computer should be without cons absolutely" Yes, there are some cons standard Yes, because this is a Mac.

Standard cons, well, you know, these when they fight Windows and Mac and so on, "and we have computers is better and we have better" More than I faced with this piece of metal, so I.

Again, again mounted videos I took it not for games to begin with, yes, I didn't take it for games, please don't email me in the comments that I won't be able to play games on it though, I can fucking.

First, when I brought, unpacked, put on the table what I found - THERE is NO HDMI'I FUCK!.

No I saw from behind: 4 USB connectors and 4 fucking holes.

I'm like an old fart, I don't understand what it is, I've been explained this USB-C, you know this standard fuck,.

When you buy yourself a MacBook, for example, and you need it for charging, there.

To phone a little bit, adapter, headphone. To run to buy an adapter for USB - C, HDMI, to enable the second monitor.

Fuck, dudes. Computer for a million ninety, I must open, unpack, put in front of me, I have to suck cock until I kind of, I don't know, mount vidosy. And they, these iMacs, have a chip..

They put these, I don't know what they are called, the type TouchBar, Yes, in my opinion *Touch-pads* TouchPad, TouchPad, Yes, that's such TouchPad's, such that you can switch Windows in one swipe. Million.

Ninety thousand rubles. I didn't get that fucking. Yes, I fucked in the mouth, you me well They I put the mouse that I'll never in my life did and I will not use a keyboard I use, well,.

What did they give me in the kit? nothing again, optimize again, I'm going to chew over this topic, but I.

Since I was 11, I've been making music and it just so happened that I create music in Fruity Loops and on It.

No optimization 'fl studio' I do not know what to do here are Fruity Loops that are redesigned under Windows, like it opens in the Windows'a window and so on, but it's a complete prick that.

Instability, which can in one moment in any way *kkhh* and all. Fruity Loops please! OPTIMIZE IT! I'll buy a license! How much does it cost there? I'll buy! Please, optimize it! here is another fucking minus just! Actually, I think, of the cons-nothing left.

No, maybe I'll find them later, because, you know, the computer is recently used, and so on. Even now I'm mounting it, I like it so much, Lord, you have no idea how powerful it is..

A really powerful computer, Yes, I agree with you that one million and ninety is too much Listen! If your home is a computer that performs all the functions that you require of him, it.

Fucking awesome, you know? I, perhaps, the only mozgoeb on YouTube, which instead any conventional cameras, will buy itself Black Magic,.

Instead of some simple computer will buy itself, fuck, iMac Pro instead of just shooting, he's hiring a bunch of shit, yeah, I like it..

This computer for me as a gift, consider, Yes, an expensive gift, but I'm on it I put it off, I dreamed about it and now I have it. This roller I did not want to hurt anyone, just expressed all the thoughts that I had.

In a head. About this negligence Windows'a, Yes, and stability iMac. Unfortunately, the way the world works is you have to buy a million dollar computer so you can work comfortably.

It's terrible. But in General, I am very happy with his gift, and I hope you for me is also very excited about the cons I said, perhaps.

It is possible in the end to tell you about the advantages, but they are actually very a lot, but since I had written, and then it will show..

I come home. I sit down at the computer. I turn it on, and I don't even notice it's on, I don't have a fuck under my ear here, you know, this one..

Bitcoin farm, damn *triggered noise* absolute silence, even he, he no, I I ear was applied, came - nothing.

No ventilators, nothing. he's quiet! Seriously, I had such sincere emotions when my friend Lesha and I brought him home..

I sat down, turned on, we all shut up the crowd even Light Daydreamer was we the entire crowd shut up and was quiet what and was like, before the computer stood there, but it's really fucking perfect, it's probably not worth it..

A million ninety, worth a lot of me, I'm sure it's the fact that I overpaid for the brand,.

The scariest money, but I still and overpaid the and for stability, and for capacity, silence.

Quality, and the like you probably noticed that the picture quality is now I am constantly improving better and better, I try to do it Yes, I try constantly.

Jump over themselves same , now me now surrounded by a lot of people who are also engaged in the production of content with me and as Gosha Lizunov, which at the moment is all shoots on Ursu, Black Magic URSA, fucking, by the way, all these files are very overweight, it should be all fucking.

To mount and here, an example, speculators in networks which all saw, there is a lot of materials, two cameras, we constantly filmed, but this was not on Ursu when it was mounted, I didn't see what I was mounting. In the literal sense, that is, I press Play, well, that itself in Premier'e, who fumbles, pressing Play the sound goes, picture is not and it's unbearable.

The quality is from a full preview, that is, it is the source from Black Magic Ursa this fuck here it all weighs, well, maybe 10 gigabytes, Yes, but people who mount will understand, you look I paint.

In real time and video even do tipo I sit paint okay sit do color correction.

Fucked up, the table is empty, like I'm so not used to it, seriously, I usually have two monitors well.

I actually have three of them. Third, I don't particularly enjoy, I include only extreme cases where I often stream, let's say I have the whole table in the wires, especially when eaten on the table I have the munchies, wires they are all getting in the way, like you'll out of it.

Leg gets stuck. That's bullshit. I took care of it put him in the back hooked one transaction and the table is empty anyway: two monitor stand table is empty. It.

Fucking is just fucking, like, consider the fact that this computer is powerful everyone who watches my with social media they saw what I did when I shoot some movie where a lot of locations, I do not sleep for 6 days, fuck. Well, okay, not enough sleep.

And when there is an installation for two days I don't sleep this shit will not cut day at least, it is thanks to him I'll be a day to sleep well and in General summing up I will say that I.

Fucking love this computer, well, you were noticeable in my opinion happy able the last two minutes.

This is the best I worked here right at the moment, the end of the video for you and the end of the installation for me.

I mounted all this without a single log in a few hours. just quietly sat down, all is quiet scattered and so on color correction, it's done. I've never even had a rush or a lag..

My God, I finally achieved that result though for a million rubles.for a million rubles. In short, here is such a video, I hope it last, because it's an odd format for me, I have some.

It is unusual to work in it, so here is a video subscribe, put huskies, all the fuck that's it all there,.


Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях

Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях
Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях

Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях
Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях ответы

Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях
Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях 2019

Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях
Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях скачать

Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях
Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях вконтакте, майл ру, одноклассники, facebook

Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях
Это мой imac pro за лям господа. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях смотреть видео

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